Best Students’ Paper Award

Based on the scores given from the reviewers, the best 3 students paper awards have been announced at the 3rd day of the ICOASE 2018.  


Student: Mohammed Obeyed, Ph.D. Student (University of Duhok, Iraq)

Paper TitleEstimating and Mapping Aboveground Biomass of natural Quercus Aegilops using WorldView-3 imagery

Paper Track: Earth Science and Geoscience


  • Yaseen T. Mustafa (University of Zakho, Iraq)
  • Zeki Akrawee (University of Duhok, Iraq)


Student: Qabeela Qassim, Ph.D. Student, (Basrah University, Iraq)

Paper Title Simulation of Nanoscale Optical Signed Digit Addition Based on DNA-Strands

Paper Track: Computer and Information Technology


  • Alaa Al-Saffar (Southern Technical University, Iraq)


Student: Zryan Rashid, Ph.D. Student,  (Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Iraq)

Paper Title Distributed Cloud Computing and Distributed Parallel Computing: A Review

Paper Track: Computer and Information Technology


  • Subhi Zeebaree (Duhok Polytechnic University, Iraq)
  • Karzan Sharif (University of Human Development, Iraq)
  • Karwan Jacksi (University of Zakho, Iraq)